Friday, September 2, 2011

Paw It Forward

Hello all sorry about the long absence in posting and being neglectful to the blog. Baby Buddy and Sarge recently received a package of yummy treats toys and new collars in the mail from weimamama June and Haze. It was part of game they signed up for Paw It Forward and we are excited to keep it going. So we need 3 doggy parents to sign up their babies to continue. To play with us follow our blog let us know you want to join in on the fun inbox me your address @ and let the fun begin. After you get your package post to your blog and get 3 more players in the game and keep pawing it forward. Baby Buddy and Sarge are excited to put some happy smiles and wiggly butts in some other homes just like was done for them.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three dogs and four kids to the dog park

I have my 2 youngest kids from their dad's this week with my 2 oldest that live with me. So what do you do with 4 kids and 3 dogs bouncing off the walls with endless energy? You enlist a friend to help transport all 7 special lives to the dog park lol!! Who knew that a dog park could be so much fun for kids?? Well when all of them are like their mommy and love animals especially dogs then it is a no brainer...and they seem to have more fun there than at a kids park :-). We met another weim there today and how much fun it was. They were stunned about how well my guys looked their girl was 9 months and a little on the hefty side but I didn't say anything. I did however exchange numbers with them and told them that we could meet up any time and let them play. The owner was really liking that idea since she lives in a townhouse and has a recent shoulder injury she hasn't been able to get her out to run as much as she would like so I also offered to pick up Leelah and bring her to the park if at times she couldn't or needed help. And guess what else I REMEMBERED MY CAMERA this time lol. So here are a few pics of the furbabies from the dog park adventure today.

                                          My enlisted helper got a wet kiss from drooling Baby LOL

                                          She thinks that she can get to the ball first she never usually does at the dog park                                 but she still loves trying :-)

                                           Baby the the babysitter has to look back and check on her boys
                                           Sarge running at the dog park? Yep he decided today
 was a day good for a run
                                             All three big weims trying to get the treat from Leelah's mom

Monday, June 13, 2011

Can we say tired babies

I took the babies to the dog park on Sunday while my husband was doing some driving for his class. We were there for 3 hours and it was great a very nice way to let the furbabies let lose and get the kiddos to lose some of their energy too a 2 for 1 lol. Anyways we came home and I wasn't feeling so great so put some comfy clothes on and laid down for a nap. My husband came home while I was sleeping and found this....

One of these days I will actually remember to bring my camera to where the action is instead of catching just the aftermath. I blame genetics I got my dads brains which helps but I still have a pretty deep sense of air headedness from my mother lol.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sarge and Baby Snuggles

Yesterday evening Baby and Sarge decided to come to their favorite napping spot which is on my bed :-) and they both have an equal love for sleeping on top of the pillows so they came to a compromise and curled up together on one pillow it was so sweet. Curled up together on a pillow using each other for a pillow to rest their sleepy heads.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A little about the crew

Here is a little about my furbabies...

Baby is a 21/2 year old silver weimaraner or as my kids call her a rewinder lol. We got her at 11 weeks old from some people that lived out in nowhere they were not reputable breeders by any means and frankly had too many dogs IMO but no matter that is where my girl came from. My friend and I drove around for forever trying to find the address so that I could pick out a puppy to be my companion and help me through a bit of a rough patch in life by just being a friend. So we finally find the place after knocking on a couple wrong doors (who knew that so many people drove buses for the school in one little area). They all looked the same it was a mass amount of silver little bodies so obviously there was no picking out by looks lol. Baby she stood back from the group examining who these strangers were in her home then she came forward just to get a sniff all the rest were piled on my lap full of kisses, but there was something about that one that just stayed back not cowering but attentive. I told them I wanted her and I put a collar on her to tell the difference between her and her sisters and because I couldn't take her home that night since there was a lot of stuff already planned for...and besides what is better than surprising you soon to be husband with puppy kisses in the morning :-). Our lives were forever changed with Baby and still is a constant new day with her.

Buddy is our second weim he came to be with us about a year ago at the age of 3. An advertisement in the classifieds weimaraner needs new home. So I call and ask if they still have him they did so I told my husband I wanted to go see him and discuss possibly giving him a good home and Baby a friend to play with. He agreed to go meet him and I was so excited we packed Baby up in the car and went to the other side of town. The lady brought Buddy(who at the time was named Rodney) out and his condition was disgusting to say the least.     . He was skin and bones and had a large cut all the way around one of his back paws. Him and Baby hit it off instantly. I told her to let us go put Baby in the car so that we could all talk for a minute and I told my husband that we couldn't leave him there not with her. So we told her we wanted him I asked for his shot record and vet record as she said he was current on everything but he had no rabies tag on or anything. She said she didn't get them from the people she got him from and she didn't know what vet he went to or anything...hmmm ok then. So a trip to the vet for a health check and to clean up his foot and vaccines it was off to the shelter to get him chipped. Aside from being not well taken care of Buddy was ok. And then he started packing on the weight maybe a little too well lol to be the happy lovable boy we have now.

Sarge is our most recent addition he is now 31/2 months and an amazing little ham. He and his brothers and sisters were being sold in a wal mart parking lot out of the back of a truck in the cold when they were only 6 weeks old. They guy said he already sold mom and dad and if that was true or not I don't know. So I ended up taking the pups  home with me after paying the guy an insanely low amount and went home and surprised my husband...lucky for him I didn't have plans to keep them just to make sure they were healthy and to let them grow up some before finding them good homes. Well one of the good homes turned out to be ours by choice of Jason we got down to only having Sarge left and he started to get so attached that there was no way that he was going to go anywhere. So now we are up to 3 silver furbabies and hopefully that will be all for a few years ;-)