Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three dogs and four kids to the dog park

I have my 2 youngest kids from their dad's this week with my 2 oldest that live with me. So what do you do with 4 kids and 3 dogs bouncing off the walls with endless energy? You enlist a friend to help transport all 7 special lives to the dog park lol!! Who knew that a dog park could be so much fun for kids?? Well when all of them are like their mommy and love animals especially dogs then it is a no brainer...and they seem to have more fun there than at a kids park :-). We met another weim there today and how much fun it was. They were stunned about how well my guys looked their girl was 9 months and a little on the hefty side but I didn't say anything. I did however exchange numbers with them and told them that we could meet up any time and let them play. The owner was really liking that idea since she lives in a townhouse and has a recent shoulder injury she hasn't been able to get her out to run as much as she would like so I also offered to pick up Leelah and bring her to the park if at times she couldn't or needed help. And guess what else I REMEMBERED MY CAMERA this time lol. So here are a few pics of the furbabies from the dog park adventure today.

                                          My enlisted helper got a wet kiss from drooling Baby LOL

                                          She thinks that she can get to the ball first she never usually does at the dog park                                 but she still loves trying :-)

                                           Baby the the babysitter has to look back and check on her boys
                                           Sarge running at the dog park? Yep he decided today
 was a day good for a run
                                             All three big weims trying to get the treat from Leelah's mom

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